Communist room escape

Locked inside a room with your friends, you will need to use your critical thinking in order to escape within 70 minutes. The rooms are meant for 6 persons max but if you are more, you’ll compete against each other at the same time in 2 different rooms.
The plot takes you back to the communist times in a KGB intrigue plot.

Today is August, 5th 1981 in Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Important dissident (criticizer of regime) Vit Cernusko was arrested, but managed to escape. Secret Police (ŠtB) has his passport and is trying to catch him again. With powerful allies and a false identity you have drawn attention of ŠtB to yourself, were arrested and taken into secret flat for questioning. To the same flat where Cernusko was held. Your mission is to find his passport and escape within 70 minutes.

Duration: 1h10.

Important information

This activity can be ordered only in addition to another activity or airport transfer.

Activity prices

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Room escape

price calculated for 8 p.

  • 1h10 inside the escape room
  • Located in the center city

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