Bojnice and Greek hot springs

We can thank the last owner of the Bojnice castle, Jan Palffy, for its beauty. Traveller in love, he combined multiple castles from all over Europe, including the famous Chateaux de la Loire, in order to rebuilt his own. In the 50’s, a cave was discovered under the castle which is now included in the visit.

Our trip then takes us through the town of Čičmany, renown for it’s traditional architecture. Imagine wooden houses painted with folk symbols. This is the perfect stop to talk about Slovakia’s folk culture, its instruments, clothing, dances, …

We finish our trip in what is considered as the most beautiful thermal station of Slovakia. Be prepared for jacuzzis, saunas and hot springs.

Transport by car or minibus included.

1 day trip. Bojnice is located 2 hours from Bratislava.


Bojnice & springs

price calculated for 8 p.

  • Entrance to Bojnice castle
  • Guided tour of Bojnice castle
  • Lunch (not included)
  • Guided tour of Čičmany
  • 2 hour entrance to Rajec spa

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