Stag arrest by fake police

Spice things up during your pub crawl with brutal fake police!
After the first round has been paid by the stag (a “tradition” according to your guide) 2 police officers will enter the bar and talk to the barman who will point at the stag. Use of counterfeit money and possession of (planted) drugs will be used by our violent cops to frighten the stag and cuff him to a chair. Our stripper dressed as a cop will then show up to cool things down (or not!).

Important information

The stag arrest can be booked as a standalone activity but it is recommended to book with a pub crawl.

Activity prices

prices per person

Stag arrest

price calculated for 12 p.

  • Stag arrest by 2 cops
  • Striptease by stripper cop
  • 1 round of shots
  • Slovak guide speaking English or your language

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