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Best restaurants in Bratislava for hangover

We feel you are planning a “heavy night” in Bratislava and we are here to help you deal with the consequences: the hangover! Phong nam: Definitely the best Vietnamese restaurant in Slovakia and maybe in Europe! It is not located … Read More

Avoid taxi scams!

Taxis will scam you all over the world. Bratislava is not an exception on that matter. Every year we have plenty of groups reporting us high fares and drivers taking them for a “cultural tour” ride rather than going straight … Read More

Guide story #4: Claudia

Hey guys, cheers for checking out this website 😊 I am currently 22 years old and have been a tour guide for 3 years already; I’ve had the pleasure of hosting lovely tourists from many parts of the globe and … Read More

Guide story #3: Veronika

My name is Veronika, I’m 23 years old and currently about to accomplish my last year of university in Bratislava. As a student of English language and literature I have always been keen on keeping in touch with people from … Read More

Avoid CATS (Luxory) stripclub

Bratislava is full of cheap, good bars and clubs. This is what we love about the city and why thousands of stag parties are organized every year. As a local agency, we want our customer to have the time of … Read More

The “hipster” capital

In the last 5 years, Bratislava has evolved to become one of the most hipster towns in Europe. This unfortunately means that most of the cafes and bars look similar with giant lamp bulbs and bikes hanging from the newspaper … Read More

Survival course in the forest

This year 2019, we created a new activity which is exclusive to Enjoy-Bratislava: a Bushcraft survival course. Just 30 minutes from Bratislava, learn how to survive in the forest like Bear Grylls. Learn with a professional how to build a … Read More

Easter eggs

“Easter is coming”. In Slovakia, women paint emptied eggs and give them to those who whip them or shower them with cold water. The paint is in fact colored hot wax. Learn how to paint eggs during a wine tasting … Read More

We are polyglot

Groups from all over Europe (and sometimes the world) come to visit Bratislava. In order to provide the best service to our customers, we try to have guides speaking several languages. The most common languages used by our clients are … Read More

The capital of Craft beer

Slovaks enjoy their beer time very much especially on the sunny terraces in Bratislava. Most of the bars in the city pour the Slovak Zlaty Bažant (which means golden pheasant). However, a microbrewery revolution started after it has been sold to Heineken. … Read More

Stress-free teambuildings

We are experiencing a rising number of companies that are choosing Bratislava for their teambuilding. The large selection of hotels right in the city center combined with affordable travel services are probably the main reason of that trend. Teambuildings in … Read More

2019 Ice Hockey World Championship

PINNED POST: Enjoy-Bratislava still has some available rooms in Bratislava for those weekends: 10-12 May 2019, 17-19 May 2019, 24-26 May 2019. Contact us for pricing and tips. Bratislava and Košice (Slovakia’s second biggest town) is hosting the 2019 Ice … Read More

Guide story #2: Linda

I grew up in Bratislava so it’s my pleasure to invite you in this beautiful city full of great atmosphere, good beer and beautiful women. Becoming a guide means for me one of the most rewarding and exhilarating ways to learn … Read More

Top summer activities

As guides, participating in all activities, we know exactly what you – groups of lads – need. Hence why we’d definitely suggest the following ones (based on the fact that Bratislava gets very hot every summer): Water activities such as … Read More

Discontinued activities

We try to renew our activity offer as often as possible to provide you with the best of Bratislava. Here is a list of discontinued activities that are no longer officially in sale but can be organized for your group … Read More

Guide story #1: Lubka

My name is Ľubka, I’m 20 and I study Chinese at the university in Bratislava. I started working as a guide because I wanted to improve my language skills and experience something new. I truly enjoy my job since I … Read More

Why choose Bratislava?

Bratislava is becoming more and more popular for its cheap beer and alcohol, nice girls and loads of activities you can do with your friends which won’t cost you a fortune. There are plenty of places to go to to … Read More